Friday, March 11, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles: Marines Don't Quit

In the left corner wearing Marine-issue combat gear and an expression of exquisite consternation, you have Aaron Eckhart fighting to save his country.

And in the right corner, looking like hokey computer-generated homonids, you have the Aliens who've invaded our planet for one reason. Our H2O. These water guzzlers are intent on taking over every ocean, river, stream, faucet and toilet bowl. And they're desperate. And they have limbs that turn into weapons.
The Movie Slut loves alien-invasion flicks, the hokier the better.
And "Battle" also has Eckhart on his side, which tends to cancel out some of the ludicrously laughable dialogue.
"You're like my older brother," one character tells him. "You never smile."
What's there to smile about when ginormous extraterrestrials are blowing LA into itty-bitty Lala Land specks?
Thanks to Eckhart the human element is injected into the movie. But the MS wishes the aliens had a tad more screen time.

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