Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow: And Tomorrow And Tomorrow

Loyal readers of this blog know the Movie Slut is a sucker for time-travel flicks. The genre grabbed her when she saw H.G. Wells's The Time Machine. And then there was the delightful Groundhog Day. More recently, she enjoyed the dopey Winter's Tale. Yeah, she is a major fan of skidding around the space/time continuum.

And in Edge of Tomorrow, the stakes could not be higher. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt can only save our planet by going back in time to change the past.

Come to think of it, the plot is not unlike Stephen King's inspired 11/22/63, a novel in which the protagonist attempts to alter history by thwarting President Kennedy's assassination.

It's all good fun. And that includes this new summer popcorn flick.

Ida: The Girl in the Gray Wimple

It's 1962 in Poland and a young woman, who grew up in a convent,  is about to take her vows. But before she does, the Mother Superior tells her she must visit her only living relative: her deceased mother's sister.

What Ida learns from her aunt is a startling story about the family she never knew. Will it affect her decision to become a bride of Christ?

You'll have to see this thoughtful, intriguing, heart-wrenching story to discover the answer. And once again, the Movie Slut warns against reading reviews that insist on giving away the whole story.