Thursday, October 8, 2009

Capitalism: A Love Story: Greed ain't good

She laughed. She cried. She cursed like only a slut can do.
Michael Moore had the Movie Slut right where he wanted her: Sitting in a seat in her local multiplex bowled over (not a reference to "Bowling for Columbine") by his latest documentary.
Okay, so she knows he's a spinmeister. And he's been known to play loose and free with the facts. And sure, he's a Drama King, who'll stop at nothing to inject a punch of vitality to his flicks. Still, anyone who's been on this planet in the last year knows his central thesis is correct.
Capitalism caught a crummy bug and has spread it to the rest of us.
The Movie Slut was engrossed every second of this movie but still has a quibble with the title. As Moore himself points out, Capitalism was chugging along beautifully until the greedy 1980s rolled around. (Check out "Wall Street" with Michael Douglas if you need a reminder.)
So, isn't it greed that is to blame? Why can't we go back to the old Capitalism, which worked so well until a certain Movie Star president rode into office?
Moore doesn't explain this but he does a yeoman's job of convincing viewers that we can't let the forces of greed hijack our country. And he does it with heart, soul and the inimitable Moore sense of humor.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coco Before Chanel: Oo la la!

So, the Movie Slut ran into a large editor-at-large, who shall remain nameless.
"There's nothing interesting about Coco before Chanel," he insisted. "She's only interesting after she became Chanel."
He has a point.
Still, the Movie Slut thoroughly enjoyed this orphanage-to-haute couture biopic, even if adorable Audry Tautou was miscast as the smile-averse Coco.
Who could resist bearing witness to the birth of the Little Black Dress? Who wouldn't kill to be there when our heroine notices the chic-potential of fishermen's shirts? And voila, jersey!
Will you adore this movie?
Only if you're a rabid fashionista. The Movie Slut hopes you are.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bright Star: A thing of beauty

Bright Star, Australian director Jane Campion's latest gift to movie-goers, outshines anything The Movie Slut has seen at the multiplex for ...well, as long as she can remember.
You got your poetry. You got your music. Mozart! You got your period costumes. You got scenery. Lush and swoon-worthy.
As poet John Keats, the subject of this biopic, might say, It is a movie of sensations rather than thought, though those who wish to think about the fragility of life and the frustrations of love in a time of tuberculosis can ruminate to their brain's content.
Bright Star is a joy, if not forever, than at least for one hour and fifty-nine minutes.