Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Grey: Alpha Man vs Alpha Wolf

When we meet John Ottway (Liam Leeson) at the beginning of this exceptional film, he's a man who's lost his will to live. But there's nothing like looking death in the eye to kick-start the survival instinct.

"The Grey" is a story about life, love, death, survival, faith, hope and self-reliance. In other words, a breezy bauble of a flick. ;-). Still, despite the stark, merciless story, great beauty is on the screen.

The backdrop for the plot — seven tough guys survive a plane crash in the arctic — is an arresting snowscape of majestic proportions.

"The Grey" is not for every movie-going popcorn-muncher. But those who can stomach a bucket load of gore and a heap of danger in the wilderness can do no better than this thought-provoking (metaphorical?) film.

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