Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wanderlust: A Failed opportunity

If only "Wanderlust" had more wandering and more lust it could be a halfway decent comedy.
Alas, you won't find much of either in this tepid, trying-too-hard flick. In fact, the only entertaining scenes take place at the beginning and end of the movie when our protagonists are in New York City.

Part One: Linda and George (Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd) are a youngish couple trying and failing to make it in the big city. (Pretty funny.)

Part Two: Our somewhat likable duo try to make a go of it at George's brothers place in one of those soulless McMansion communities. (Mildly funny.)

Part Three: Our increasingly annoying couple move into a 1960s-style commune where everyone is desperately seeking laughs. (The opposite of funny.)

Part Four: Let's just say it's almost worth waiting around for the end. But not quite.

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