Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love Happens: Good Grief!

Attention Movie-Goers: "Love Happens," the new flick staring Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart, is not — NOT — a romantic comedy.
Why were the folks interviewed by the Movie Slut at her local multiplex under that misconception?
Could be because Aniston and Eckhart are bigtime rom-com alum. And, oh yes, the title.
The truth is that this movie is about a decidedly unfunny subject: Grief.
Eckhart, a psychologist mourning the death of his wife, writes a book about dealing with grief and is on the verge of becoming a brand — DVDs, talk show appearance and the rest of the nonsense.
Trouble is, his grief is still raw and wretched.
Meanwhile, Aniston, who's screwed up in her own way, happens along and helps him take baby steps in the direction of healing.
Does this movie have anything profound to say about life after loss?
The movie slut isn't sure. But it is a profoundly sad movie sprinkled with amusing moments. Knowing that might help movie-goers.
Despite what the critics say, Aniston and Eckhart do click in this flick. But the real love story here is with the city where it's filmed. Seattle manages to be lovely even with all the tears pouring down from its skies.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Informant! Not my exclamation point

Much has been made of the low-rent rug perched atop Matt Damon's head in The Informant!, the new flick in which he stars as F.B.I. whistle-blower Mark Whitacre.
What's a gazillion times more interesting is this question: What the freaking heck is going on inside Whitacre's head!?
Is he bipolar? Does he have Attention Deficit Disorder? Is he what we used to call a liar, liar pants on fire?
Expect an amusement park whip of a movie in which you're shot in and out of the dark.
The Movie Slut was put off by the 1950s look and sound of the movie, which is set in the 1990s. And the music! She thinks it works to hard (like an exclamation point!) to signal audiences that director Steven Soderbergh is worried they might not find this funny, hence the slapstick soundtrack.
The Movie Slut also suggests a serious examination of Whitacre's wife Ginger. Should this movie be titled The Enabler!?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

9: Is it a 10?

9 and 5 want to save 2. But 1 says, "Don't even think about that."
8, a big galoot, is on 1's side.
3 and 4 are twins and blithe spirits willing to go with the flow. 7 is a magical force — brave and beautiful. 6 draws strange designs. Or was that 8?
So, does all this add up in 9's eponymous flick?
Strangely, the answers is yes.
The Movie Slut thinks you should also know that these numerical beings are animated and look as if they're made of fabric swatches stitched together with knitting wool. Their story plays out in a post-apocalyptic world that resembles a never-ending junk heap. And that's all she'll say about that.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Extract: A film without flavor

Never underestimate the power of a push-up bra.
Never overestimate the depths of male naivety.
Drugs aren't for everyone.
The Movie Slut can't say she didn't learn anything from the new Mike Judge film "Extract" and she did cotton to Jason Bateman as the downtrodden Everyman and Ben Affleck as his hirsute sidekick. But this screwball comedy, with too many unfunny jokes about balls and screwing, had her yearning for better days. Like when Judge gave her an ingenious, inspired, hilarious movie called "Office Space."
So, dear slutettes, skip the multiplex this time. Go to Blockbuster or Netflix and rent "Office Space." It's like an old lover who never lets you down.

All About Steve: But more about Mary

There’s something about Mary Magdalene Horowitz. Other than her name.

Is it Asperger’s syndrome? Or simply a severe case of uber-geekiness? Whatever.

In “All About Steve,” which stars Sandra Bullock, the Mary in question is a brainiac crossword creator, whose verbal IQ far outweighs her people skills. She doesn’t converse. She monologues. She’s a master of trivia but just doesn’t get human relationships.

Enter Steve (Bradley Cooper) and let the fun begin.

“All about Steve” is a celebration of eccentricity. It poses the question: Isn’t being “normal” grossly overrated?

Critics didn’t care for the flick. One called it “a grimly unfunny comedy.” But the Movie Slut wasn’t the only one laughing out loud at the multiplex. The movie isn’t pitch perfect but the off moments are few. And you’ve got to love the quirkiness of the crossword puzzle as metaphor for life.

Look for an excellent supporting performance by Thomas Haden Church and some unexpected cameos. No, the Movie Slut won’t give them away. Even she has her standards. And do perk up your ears for some hysterically funny musical moments.