Monday, March 28, 2011

Sucker Punch: A Feminist Interpretation

Some would call this a sexploitation flick. That's cool. But the Movie Slut sees it as a feminist manifesto. Think "Charlie's Angels" for the digital age, with Scott Glenn in the Charlie role.

Then add elements of "Girl Interrupted" and "Hidden Tiger Crouching Whatever." Throw in a video game scenario and —presto — you're sucker punched.

We all have an angel looking out for us, the narrator tells us. And that angel is within. Take control of your own destiny.

The action spins out in the 1950s with delightful anachronistic elements. Most notably the music. Baby Doll, staring Emily Browning (looking like a Keane painting), is tossed into an insane asylum/brothel, but is determined to win her freedom and that of her fellow inmates/prostitutes. The gals are up against some mighty ferocious and disgusting guys, who love the status quo. Sorry suckers. They've got Grrrrrl Power on their side.

Women must fight for their freedom, this flick tells us. It's a long, bloody battle, but the prize is priceless. At least that's the feminist interpretation. Should you want to see the film to ogle the scantily clad sexpots, so be it. The movie is worth watching for whatever reason, even if it's just for Jon Hamm's cameo.

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