Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Homesman: Stay Home

"Why do they make movies like this?" a young man shouted out at the end of this tedious flick. He may have poor impulse control (He also commented loudly during the trailers.), but he asked a great question.

And the only answer the Movie Slut could think of was that Tommy Lee Jones was in need of a vanity project. He not only stars in this dud, but he's also the director and co-writer.

The real question is how the wonderfully talented Hilary Swank got sucked into this clunker.

So what's it about? The nutshell plot: Three pioneer women slide into insanity due to their hardscrabble existences. Mary Bee (Swank) must take them back east. On the way she meets lowlife drifter (Jones) as well as Indians, etc., etc., etc, etc., etc., etc.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Big Hero Six: A Ten

BH6 is the most charming and emotionally involving  animated film to arrive on the big screen since Up. Based on a Marvel comic, it takes place in San Fransokyo and is named for the six characters who team up to fight the bad guys.

Clearly the most lovable, hugable of the six is Baymax, a giant marshmallow of a robot who's programmed to be a health care companion. The job description is a long way from crime fighter and much of the fun in this delightful flick comes from Baymax having to rationalize his actions to conform to his program.

See this movie. If you don't have children, borrow some.

Charlie, 7, "loved" the movie because it had "lots of gadgets and stuff" and is "really funny."
Annie, 9, said, "I like it becuse I liked how the robot was programmed to help people."

You will, too.