Friday, April 1, 2011

Red Riding Hood: What big eyes you have.

'Tis the season for saucer eyes, plumped lips and not so helpless damsels in distress. (See "Sucker Punch" below.) Now we have Amanda Seyfried as the red-cloaked heroine in this new version of the old fairy tale. And it's a mighty good retelling of the ancient story.
In keeping with our 21st-century fascination with morphing creatures, our new villain is no boring old ordinary wolf. It's a werewolf. (Take that "Twilight Saga.")
The setting is an isolated medieval village transfixed by fear. The old nemesis has returned and everyone is suspect.
Does grandma (played suspiciously by Julie Christie)transform into the four-legged canibal upon the full moon? Or is it one of Red Riding's two strapling suitors? Or is it the Gary Oldman character, who comes to town to slay the beast.
This new tale is a mystery — a who done it. And howling fun at that.

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