Sunday, April 10, 2011

Win Win: Winning

Previously in the Movie Slut:
MS was disgusted by Paul Giamatti's performance in "Barney's Version". Well, now he's back in her good graces, starring as a lawyer and family man who makes a whopper of an ethically-questionable decision. And he's not the only character in this touching, quasi-comedy who's less than perfect. (Now, that would have made a better title for this delightful film.)
The movie is saved from the fate of being just another Giamatti showcase (Oh, he's so pudgily adorable and doughily endearing — puh-leeze) by the young man, Alex Shaffer, who turns up on his doorstep and manages to more than hold his own on the screen.
Thank you so much, Alex.
Like its characters, this movie is far from perfect. Too many unanswered questions. Still, if you're looking to avoid 3D at the multiplex and get into some genuine depth, this flick's for you.

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