Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hanna: Who's Her Daddy?

The whole isn't always greater than the sum of its parts. Take "Hanna." Breath-taking cinematography + breathless acting + breath-defying Chemical Bothers music + breath-holding plot + breath-stopping back story = deflating, disappointing flick.
The problem?
Director Joe Wright's blood lust and obsession with sadistic violence. (Oh, so artfully choreographed. We're supposed to be impressed, a la "Pulp Fiction." Sorry, Joe. You're no Quentin.)
"Hanna," starring Saorise Rona, completes the trilogy of recent movies celebrating super-human Grrrrl power. First we had Sucker Punch," then "Red Riding Hood,"" now "Hanna."
And an intriguing character she is. Raised in an isolated snow-crusted wood, she's set free when she comes of age.
With due respect to Janis, freedom is a word for everything you can lose.
Why is this gal an endangered chick? Who's out to get her? Can her powers prevail?
Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana join her in this brutal romping blood fest. This grim Grimm fairy tale should have at least equaled the sum of its parts.

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