Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Conspirator: Not Guilty as Charged

We can't be sure if Mary Surratt was guilty of conspiring to kill Abraham Lincoln, but we can be sure that the critics were guilty of ignoring this movie's merit. Oh how condescending they've been. Making matters worse, they insisted that the movie is a statement about trying suspected terrorists in military courts as opposed to civilian ones.
Oh, come on guys, this is a human drama about a woman whose life is on the line for a crime she may not have committed and a government that desperately wanted to give the grieving American people a person to blame for the loss of their leader.
The Movie Slut thinks this flick is about the injustice of "justice" and the victims of this system, as well as a cautionary tale about the horror of capital punishment.
Robin Wright is Mary and James McAvoy is the northern lawyer who defends her against his wishes. It's a flick worth seeing, even if director Robert Redford didn't breath much life into the doomed Mary.

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