Monday, April 18, 2011

Soul Surfer: No Wipe-out here

Based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton (left) "Soul Surfer" fits neatly into the Movie Slut's favorite genre: Films about triumphing over adversity and striving for success. Having said all that, "SS" loses points by being too preachy about the role religion plays after the 13-year-old is maimed by a shark. That's what the movie tells us, but what it shows is quite different. It reveals the true grit that enabled her to jump back on the surfboard and compete again.
It shows that her determination is the greatest part of her success, but the movie also brings home the role of her super-supportive family with Dennis Quaid as her father and Helen Hunt, as Mom.
Still, the stars of "SS" are the Pacific waves and the girl who was born to surf.
See Bethany surf: and the competition.

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