Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love Happens: Good Grief!

Attention Movie-Goers: "Love Happens," the new flick staring Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart, is not — NOT — a romantic comedy.
Why were the folks interviewed by the Movie Slut at her local multiplex under that misconception?
Could be because Aniston and Eckhart are bigtime rom-com alum. And, oh yes, the title.
The truth is that this movie is about a decidedly unfunny subject: Grief.
Eckhart, a psychologist mourning the death of his wife, writes a book about dealing with grief and is on the verge of becoming a brand — DVDs, talk show appearance and the rest of the nonsense.
Trouble is, his grief is still raw and wretched.
Meanwhile, Aniston, who's screwed up in her own way, happens along and helps him take baby steps in the direction of healing.
Does this movie have anything profound to say about life after loss?
The movie slut isn't sure. But it is a profoundly sad movie sprinkled with amusing moments. Knowing that might help movie-goers.
Despite what the critics say, Aniston and Eckhart do click in this flick. But the real love story here is with the city where it's filmed. Seattle manages to be lovely even with all the tears pouring down from its skies.

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