Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big Miracle: Whale of a Tale

True Story: Sometimes it takes a village, but in 1988, when three whales were trapped under an ice shelf off the coast of Alaska, it took two superpowers, an eccentric enviornmentalist, a greedy capitalist, a pandering president, two wacky Minnesota inventors and the vast news media to save them from imminent death.

And what saves this movie from slipping into a cloying do gooder tale of international cooperation and interpersonal collaboration is its honest appraisal of the motives that united the winning team.

The movie doesn't slide into sentimentality, nor does it plunge into cynicism. No black hats and white hats here.

Adding to the fun of "Big Miracle" are the real television broadcasts by Tom Brokaw, Dan Rathers and Peter Jennings that recounted the plight of the whales and the efforts to free them.

This is a movie for the kids that parents may enjoy even more. And do stay till the very end to find out where these characters are today.

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