Sunday, February 26, 2012

Act of Valor: Mindless Moments

Don't blame Hollywood for this one. According to a Huff Post story, "A/V" was "commissioned by the Navy's Special Warfare Command," probably as a recruitment tool. The stars are real Navy SEALS, not pesky professional actors who deliver laughable lines that can make you cry.
Still, the flick is not without merit. What it does best is to portray the precision and perfection needed to pull off a mission and the commitment and camaraderie that define these teams. And occasionally, moviegoers won't feel like they've slipped into "A/V," the video game, but actually witnessed an exquisitely choreographed combat scene.

Movies are comprised of moments — moments in which you gasp at the captivating cinematography, the clarity of the dialogue, the wisdom of a character — and moments when your mouth drops open and you groan, "What the...?"

"A/V" has more than its share of these.

When our valiant SEAL team realizes the diabolical terrorist plan to sneak deadly explosives into the US in a way that can fool the most crackerjack security system, they ponder how this will affect the American economy and how The Press will play the story.

What about the loss of innocent lives?
Is the Pentagon more concerned with Anderson Cooper?

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