Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coco Before Chanel: Oo la la!

So, the Movie Slut ran into a large editor-at-large, who shall remain nameless.
"There's nothing interesting about Coco before Chanel," he insisted. "She's only interesting after she became Chanel."
He has a point.
Still, the Movie Slut thoroughly enjoyed this orphanage-to-haute couture biopic, even if adorable Audry Tautou was miscast as the smile-averse Coco.
Who could resist bearing witness to the birth of the Little Black Dress? Who wouldn't kill to be there when our heroine notices the chic-potential of fishermen's shirts? And voila, jersey!
Will you adore this movie?
Only if you're a rabid fashionista. The Movie Slut hopes you are.

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