Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Serious Man: Seriously Side-splitting

The Coen brothers had the Movie Slut at "The Big Lebowski." Now, they have her falling off her seat laughing — again.
Meet Larry Gopnik, college prof, family man, observant Jew and all around nice guy. Too bad life has turned him into Mr. Job Kafka, victim of an absurd universe.
Larry's neighbor is a redneck, gun-toting goy. His wife has taken up with a smarmyesque Sen. Joe Leiberman clone. And his teen-age kids. Oy vey!
All he wants is an answer to the big question: WHAT IN THE NAME OF YAHWEH IS GOING ON?
Larry's odyssey for answers is the heart, soul and funny bone of this comedie noir.
Hint: Pay special attention to the wise words spoken by Rabbi No. 3.

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