Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Joneses: Keeping up with...

Warning: Do not read any other reviews about this movie. It's best if you don't know what it's about and let the plot unfold naturally. And what a terrific plot it is. And excellently executed by David Duchovny (a Movie Slut favorite since "X-Files") and Demi Moore, who's previously left the Movie Slut wondering what the fuss was about.
A searing indictment of our acquisitive society and the need for ever-more-expensive toys and gadgets, "The Joneses" could have left its mark as a zeitgeist movie, a film for our times.
Alas, by devolving with a typical Hollywood ending, it blew it.
Here's an idea! Leave the movie after the swimming pool scene. You'll skip off nodding your head in awe at the brilliance of this movie. Should you choose to stay till the true end, you'll stumble away shaking your head in sadness at what could have been.

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