Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man: Arachnidaliscious

When Marvel Comics introduced the now-famous Web-Crawler in 1962, he captured our hearts and heads, not only for his perennial do-gooder super-powers, but also for his compelling back story.

Abandoned by his mother and father, bullied by his high school classmates, invisible to the girl he like-likes, Spidey needs our protection and love. Until...

This new movie is the fourth for the Web-Slinger. One, 2002, two, 2004, and three 2007, starred a kinda goofy Tobey Maguire as the vigilante Web-Head. Now, Andrew Garfield takes over the role.

 Physically, he doesn't have the clueless, innocent look Maguire has mastered, but movie-goers will soon forget Tobey, thanks to a script that takes us back to the story's irrisistible beginning and keeps the camera focused on Spidey, the boy, as well as The Amazing Spider-Man.

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