Sunday, August 25, 2013

In A World: Look Who's Talking

Lake Bell may not be a be a household name yet. But just wait.

In this debut film, which she wrote, directs and stars in, she'll make you want to see more of her. Which is not to say that World is a winner. But it's good enough.

In this flick, Bell (who you might know as Alec Baldwin's wife in It's Complicated) is a voice-over artist trying to break into the big time where the plum job is saying those three little words, never before uttered by a woman in a movie trailer.

The plot is delightfully original, as are parts of the film, but too often it devolves into the kind of rom-com tripe we've seen hundreds of times too many.

Still, the Movie Slut recommends this flick. In a world filled with violence and phony sex, this movie is a breath of fresh jokes.

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