Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Fifth Estate: WikiWonderful

You may have read some disparaging reviews about this engaging movie. They were probably written by members of the Fourth Estate.

The Fifth Estate can be considered journalism's newest incarnation. Hence, some negative reviews from the previous regime.

This is the story of WikiLeaks and the website's founder Julian Assange. He's either a hero or a vilian depending on your feelings about the public's right to access secret government documents.

Assange is a strange dude, with his white hair and zealous manner. But it's best to separate his personality from his actions and assess what he's done. And while you're at it, think a bit about what's happened to the Fourth Estate.

Would Woodward and Bernstein be able to write the Watergate story today? Is the new media too dependent on ratings and advertisers? Where was the Fourth Estate in the build up to the War in Iraq?
Do we need a Fifth Estate, not only to watch over the government, but also to serve as watchdogs for the Fourth Estate?

Benedict Cumberbatch, who the Movie Slut first saw on the sensational PBS series "Sherlock," is Julian Assange. At times you won't believe he's not the real guy.

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