Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sex Tape: Digital Disaster

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal are a married couple trying to spice up their love life.

For better or worse, Sex Tape is not that sexy. And definitely for worse, it's not that funny either.

"Amusing" is as far as the Movie Slut will go.

It's a story about a married couple that decides to spice up their marriage. You know how. But for young thirty-somethings, they are not as computer savvy as you might think.

Part of the humor of this mildly entertaining flick is the incomprehensibility of the Internet. Their cluelessness, however, would be more believable if they were sixty-somethings.

The couple is also clueless about the problems in their marriage and here, actor Jack Black appears as an Internet porn mogul/therapist. What should have been laugh-off-your-seat hilarious falls flat.

Cameron Diaz, proving once again, how facile she is as a comedic actor, lifts this flick out of the snore zone.

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