Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Loft: Laughably Ludicrous

The Hooker, Rachael Taylor, and the psychiatrist, James Marsden
Five friends.
Five Keys.
One luxury loft apartment.
Five sour brunette wives.
Two sexy blondes.
One dead body.

Add these together and you should get a compelling whodunnit.
You don't.

James Marsden, the most likeable of the friends, is a psychiatrist with a bitter wife, a patient who's committed suicide, four friends who are despicable lowlifes in posh suits, and a girlfriend who's a prostitute.

The Movie Slut wouldn't want to be his patient even for a chipped nail.

The movie veers about with its unlikeable characters. There's another death, suspicious detectives, and enough red herrings to fill the Baltic Sea.

But not to worry, a tacked on rom-com ending will have you leaving the theater muttering "WTF?"

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