Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl Wins Five Condoms and a Cold Shower

First you've got to get past Scarlett Johansson's lips. They pouf. They pout. They ooze across the big screen. The Movie Slut suggests a simpler title — "The Other."
Johansson is Mary, the other sister, the one who keeps her head while all those around her are losing theirs. And then there's Anne (Natalie Portman) the consummate Rules Girl. She gets the ring, the king, the bling and the guilloting.
"The Other" is a steamy, historical bodice-ripper in the grand sense of the term. But bearing witness to wanton Royals manipulating common folk made the Movie Slut wanna puke. But that was 1536. Surely such behavior is way passe.
Rest in peace, Princess Di.

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