Saturday, April 12, 2008

Smart People Earns Three Condoms

Dennis Quaid channels Jack Nicholson. Thomas Haydon Church flaunts his butt. Ellen Page reprises her role as Juno, sans baby bump. And Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't do much of anything unless you count major hair flicking.
So why does The Movie Slut dispense three condoms?
Because she didn't become The Movie Slut by being a discriminating viewer. And, "Smart People" could also be a lot dumber.
It's the latest in the quirky people/dysfunctional family genre without the heart of "Little Miss Sunshine," or the soul of "Juno," and despite the title, it's short on brains, too.
But as The Movie Slut likes to say, "Movies are like men. Perfection is overrated."

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