Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Legion: Horror with your Hamburger

Uh oh! Remember what happened last time God was angry with mankind? (Thanks Noah.) Well, now he/she is mad again and has sent his angels to do the dirty work. Gabriel is on board. But kind-hearted Michael (Paul Bettany) hasn't given up on us.
The action takes place in a diner — owned by Dennis Quaid - located somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Michael must protect an eight-month-pregnant woman whose baby could be our only salvation.

So far so bad. And, happily, it gets worse.

Gabriel has transformed humans into zombie-esque creatures with itty-bitty pointy teeth and the ability to crawl on ceilings.

And it gets even worse.

So much worse, in fact, that "Legion" fits snuggly into one of the Movie Slut's fave niches: Movies that are so bad they're good. She loved every awful nanosecond of it.

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