Saturday, January 30, 2010

When in Rome: Or New York

A poker chip rolls down the ramp at the Guggenheim in Manhattan. On and on it goes, past museum-goers, past installations, past Pissarros, Picassos and Kandinskys. Where will it stop? Beth doesn't know. She's the youngest curator at the museum, in charge of a major fund-raiser, and like the wayward chip, her life has careened out of control.
Her problems began in Rome when she ventured into the Fountain of Love. Now, love, in all its wacky permutations, has followed her back home.
Beth, played by the always winning Kristen Bell (TV's "Veronica Mars") is a workaholic New Yorker and the love-shy daughter of a Lothario Dad, the always hunky Don Johnson. Also making cameos are Anjelica Huston, as Beth's no-nonsense boss and Danny DeVito, as the Sausage King. (You'll just have to see the movie.) And not to forget Picasso's "Woman with Yellow Hair," which, as Beth explains, sums up her reasons for believing love is nothing more than fool's gold.
Somehow everything coalesces in this smart, funny, tender rom-com about the magic of art and love.
You'll also be happy to hear that Hollywood is kinder to the Guggenheim in this flick than it was last year in "The International" when the bad guys blew it all up.

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