Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Book of Eli: Go west old man

An old man in tattered clothes, covered with dust, is trudging through a rubbled black and white landscape. He is Eli. Voices have told him to take the book he found after the great apocalypse, that followed a great war, and head toward the Pacific.
The book is leather bound, adorned with a gilded cross. While it's in his possession, the man will be safe.
The man is Denzel Washington and the book is The Bible. And this being a post-apocalyptic tale, there is also a villain, acted with villainous glee by Gary Oldman. He is also obsessed with possessing the book but for very different reasons.
And so it goes in "The Book of Eli," a captivating drama that tells an old story in a brilliant new way. It's all about good vs. evil and the power of religion to serve either one.

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