Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nine: More than the sum of its parts

The Movie Slut was skeptical. The movie trailer sucked — a frenetic slice-and-dice pastiche of song and dance. Sound and fury signifying nada.
Nine is so much more. Daniel Day-Lewis plays a Felliniesque movie director (think 81/2) with a raging case of writer's block. To understand how he arrived at this impasse, we meet the women in his life, from Mom, Sophia Loren, to muse, Nicole Kidman, to wife, Marion Cotillard, to lover, Penelope Cruz, to confident, Judi Dench, to reporter Kate Hudson. Yes, they all sing and dance, erotically and entertainingly, for the most. But it's Day-Lewis who elevates this movie above mere wiggles and jiggles, not just because he's an ace actor, but because his character is quite the guy.

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