Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Lovely Bones: Leave your brain at home

In the beginning of this loopy flick about a murdered teen living in the inbetween — a suburb of heaven — a mother calls out to her two daughters as they leave for school. "Suzie," she shouts, "put on your hat. You'll be cold." (Or something like that.) The younger sister doesn't have a hat, but mom isn't concerned. Why? Because only Suzie's hat figures in the rest of the movie, after she's murdered.
Hello Captain Obvious! "The Lovely Bones" is marred by such sloppy plotting and groaner dialog. But that doesn't mean the Movie Slut is trashing it.
Oh, no. Wonderful performances by Mark Wahlberg, dad; Rachel Weisz, mom; Stanley Tucci, weird neighbor who — duh! — nobody suspects; Susan Sarandon, drunk grandma; and especially Saoirse Ronan, Suzie — of "Atonement" fame — make this movie worth seeing.
Just watch it with your heart and switch your brain to pause.

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