Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Back-Up Plan: Plan 3, Skip It

If you're looking for a movie totally lacking in emotional truth, that exploits every tired old joke, and with a main character so self-absorbed that she text messages while walking down the aisle, then "Back-Up" is right up your alley.
Having said that, however, the woman sitting behind the Movie Slut at the multiplex — the one with the crinkly plastic bag — could not stop laughing.(Hmmm. What was in that bag? The Movie Slut wants some.)
As they say, "There's a lid for every pot" and a movie for every dumbkoff. This disaster stars Jennifer Lopez, who really should choose her poison more carefully. Without giving too much away, in case you're in a masochistic mood and will actually see "Back-Up," she's a young woman who wants to have a baby and will stop at nothing.
Someone must have told J.Lo that she looks great as a wet head, because in addition to the obligatory caught-in-the-rain rom-com scene, she's also attacked by a garden hose, and dunked in a tub of wet stuff. You don't want to know what was in it. Trust me.
Before you buy a ticket for this clunker, back up, go home, and watch reruns of, well, anything.

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