Monday, May 31, 2010

Sex and the City 2: Twice the Fun

Once again, the critics don't get it. They had the audacity to call SATC2 nothing more than a two hour fashion show. Well, the Movie Slut would have been thrilled with a two hour fashion show. But she got much much more.
Oh, where to begin?
You've got the female friendship theme, of course. And while Carrie and Big are now married, they're still battling. (Always fun to watch these two fight it out; more fun to see them making up.)
Same old; same old, some might say. But then comes the much more. This flick offers the strongest feminist message SATC has ever delivered AND to the tune of the feminist anthem: Helen Reddy's "I am woman." You go, girls!
Critics hated the Abu Dhabi desert scenes. But the MS thought they were high camp and not dissimilar to those old slapstick farces that are considered hysterically funny in Dick flicks. ("The Hangover.")
And not to forget the zany cameos: Liza Minnelli as a singing minister; Penelope Cruz flirting with Big; Miley Cyrus wearing the same dress as Samantha; and "Project Runway's" Tim Gunn weighing in on it all.
So, dear critics, check out the above photo to see the movie slut's message to you.

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