Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letters to Juliet: Sappy, but not crappy

Dear Reader,
The Movie Slut viewed this movie reluctantly. Who wants to see yet another asinine rom-com? Still, see it, she did. (They don't call her the Movie Slut for nothing.)
First, you should know that "Letters" is not a rom-com. It's a strait up romance. As always the MS won't give away the plot, but you will see exquisite cinematic shots of Verona, Italy, the spot Shakespeare chose for his tragic romance. As to why young women seek advice on love from a gal who committed suicide due to problems with her Romeo remains an unanswered question. The miracle is that this movie works.
P.S. Many thanks to the incomparable Vanessa Redgrave for saving this film from its tragic fate.

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