Monday, July 5, 2010

I am Love: A Recessionary Tale

Money isn't everything. And neither is a loving family. What is everything? You'll have to see this movie to find out.
Tilda Swinton is a Fendi-clad Milanese mother and matriarch of a large and loving family. She's impeccably dressed and groomed and executes her role like a pro. OK, so there are hints that she's not fulfilled. Or is she ill? This movie doesn't give anything away.
Changes are underway in the family and the business that has put everyone in Fendi, Versace and Armani. Not all change is for the better.
Other reviewers have made perfect sense of "I am Love." Not the Movie Slut or her companion.
And then there's the intrusive camera. It jumps up and down, zooms in and out, bounces here and there, pauses at awkward moments and will never let you forget you're at the multiplex. Imagine a supposedly lusty sex scene that's spliced with footage of crawling insects. Turn on? The Movie Slut thinks not.
What the Movie Slut disliked the most about this flick was the sin-and-be-punished message. It's so pre-sexual revolution "Splender in the Grass."

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