Friday, August 27, 2010

The Switch: Hits a Glitch

Didn't anyone warn Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman about the Cute Kid Syndrome? In "Switch" they fall right into the trap. Adorable 8-year-old Thomas Robinson steals the show. And it's not just because he's so huggable. He also has the best written part. He's not cloyingly cute and preposterously precocious like so many movie kids. Think of him as a mini-Woody Allen. Only lovable.
Not that Jenifer is a disaster. Her hair and wardrobe are amazing. And Jason Bateman, as the Harry to her Sally, is fine. They just didn't get much to work with.
As for the requisite best friends, Juliette Lewis and Jeff Goldblum, well, with friends like these...
The movie aspires to be a "There's Something About Mary" comedy — off-color, off-key and hilarious. (Think sperm. Only this time in a bottle.) No way. And you figure that out in the first scene, in which a mentally ill homeless man barks out comments about passersby. So not funny.

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