Monday, December 6, 2010

The Next Three Days: A Great Escape

"Three Days" is like a locomotive picking up steam as it barrels down a mountain. It starts off slow and then, wham!, it's full speed ahead.
What you need to know is this: John is a mild-mannered professor whose wife, Lara, is convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. The audience is left in doubt about whether she's guilty until the very end of the film. But as far as John is concerned, she's innocent and after he's exhausted all legal maneuvers, he takes the only remaining path and springs her.
Suspending with disbelief is difficult for most of the movie. Were there really no other legal avenues? What about the Innocence Project? And then, despite such arguments, the Movie Slut got caught up in the action.
Russel Crowe is perfect in the role of a husband willing to do anything to free his wife. Elizabeth Banks, as Lara, exhibits just the right degree of unconventional spirit to keep us guessing about her guilt or innocence.
The heart-in-your-throat ending makes this flick worth seeing.

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