Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Super 8: Is a 10 minus

"Super 8" has all the ingredients for a blockbuster movie that will be remembered for decades to come. Unfortunately, it's no "E.T."
Sure there is an extraterrestrial who's misunderstood, a group of smart, appealing tweens with family troubles, an insular small town, a nostalgic look back (this time to 1979), and Kyle Chandler of "Friday Night Lights" fame. And not to forget Steven Speilberg as its producer and J.J. Abrams as its director. But somehow, those ingredients don't congeal into the kind of masterpiece the Movie Slut expected.
Which is not to say that you won't enjoy "8," especially if you bring along a tween or two.
The movie centers on the kids who are making a zombie movie when things start going all kerflooey in their town.
What we get is a movie within a movie and don't leave before the closing credit. That's when you see what the kids came up with.
If the Movie Slut could pluck out one thing that kept this flick from greatness, it's how the alien/monster is kept under wraps. Not until the end do we sort of see its soul and witness its, for want of a better word, humanity. Wouldn't it have been more fun if the kids knew what it really wanted, but the adults were too scared and jaded to recognize the truth? Just an idea.

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