Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Incendies: Double Trouble

Somewhere in the Mid-East, sometime in the 1970s, a Christian woman, pregnant with the child of her Muslim lover, is forced to flee her homeland. Her winding, troubled path finally leads to Canada. Along the way, she gives birth to twins, who migrate with her.
This crushing tale of two epic journeys spans four decades. The mother's odyssey ends in Canada, where her twin's quest begins. A letter, written by the mother, sends them back to their roots to find the father they believed was dead and the brother they didn't know they had.
The scenes shift seamlessly in time and space, relating the two heart-wrenching stories.
"Incendies," which means "fire" in English, is not a movie for the faint of heart and the Movie Slut kept wondering where in the Middle East it began, until she realized it didn't really matter. Is there any difference between blind and brutal hatred? The film also reveals great love and, though difficult to believe, even forgiveness.

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