Monday, May 30, 2011

Double Hour: A Chambermaid's Tale

No not that chambermaid. And no financier appears in this mesmerizing movie either. What we have is a puzzling story set in Turin, Italy, in which love trumps betrayal. At least that's what the Movie Slut thinks it's about.
This flick isn't exactly play fair. It tends to shift gears on a whim. One minute it's showing this, the next minute it's that.
Persnickety movie goers might balk at such shenanigans and, truth be told, MS did have moments of thinking "say what?" But then she got caught up in the slippery plot and the heart-breaking characters and her attitude changed to cheering "yes, yes, yes."
It's been a long time since such chemistry electrified the big screen. Perhaps that's why Ksemia Rappoport and Filippo Timi won best actress and best actor awards at the Venice Film Festival.

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