Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bridesmaids: Of Dishonor

Maybe it was great expectation that led to the Movie Slut's great disappointment in this movie. She was hoping for a female flick on par with "Wedding Crashers" or "The Hangover."
Not happening.
Oh, the critics loved this one. They thought the scene where Maya Rudolph, dressed in full bridal regalia, is hit with a sudden bout of diarrhea, forcing her to poop in the street was hysterical.
OK gals, how many of you dig scatological humor? And while you're at it, isn't shitty, shitty enough? Do we have to venture into, well, you know what.
Supposedly, "Bridesmaids" is a spoof on wedding hoopla. Unfortunately, the unappealing characters took over. Oh, they were petty, jealous, man hungry and, let's see, are there any more negative female stereotypes. Weepy, backstabbing. There must be more.
In fact, the two funniest and most endearing characters in this disappointing film are guys: Jon Hamm as the hysterically clueless selfish lover and Chris O'Dowd as a sympathetic traffic cop.

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