Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York: Street Chic

For a certain gaggle of New York gals, the supreme honor is not winning a Pulitzer or Oscar. It's getting shot by New York Times street shooter Bill Cunningham. And the Movie Slut is one of these chicks. Over the years, she and Bill have smiled and nodded their greetings on Madison in front of Barneys, on Fifth near Saks or down in the Meatpacking District not far from Jeffry. Alas, he never raised the camera to his discriminating eye. Here's one of the subjects he shot instead.

No matter, MS won't hold this against him and will tell you how much she loved, loved, loved the documentary that celebrates him in all his eccentric glory. Bill pedals around town on his bicycle, wearing a street-sweeper's jacket, photographing fashionable street creatures. A true democrat, his subjects may be two or four legged, billionaires or paupers, minimalist or maximalist. He's at every fashion show. In fact, they don't start until Bill takes his front-row seat. He covers the poshest fundraisers. And yet, down to earth doesn't begin to describe this man's humility.

Hey Bill, if you read this, the Movie slut just acquired a fantabulous red sleeveless trench dress and will be on the corner of 6th and 42nd Street.

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