Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Intouchables: Not a Typo

"The Intouchables" is not the most original story out there. You've seen it before. And you've seen it done well.

However, it's doubtful you've seen it done this well.

Story in a nutshell: A wealthy Frenchman, who is severely disabled, hires an unlikely applicant to work as his personal assistant — to be the legs that no longer allow him to walk and the hands that he cannot use to feed himself.

Against all odds, this unqualified assistant turns out to be the ideal person for the job. And not only does he improve life for the man in the wheelchair, he also proves to be just the person everyone else in this household needs.

This is a movie that could have missed on so many levels. That it manages to be realistic, unsentimental, uplifting and chock full of joie de vivre is truly remarkable. And The Movie Slut isn't alone in thinking this. The film won a C├ęsar (a French Oscar) for best film and Francois Cluzet, the man pushing the wheelchair, was best actor.

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