Saturday, August 25, 2012

Premium Rush: Surprise of the Summer

The Movie Slut hates chase scenes. Whether they're on foot, in cars, on planes, trains or hover crafts, she finds them an uber-snore.

So why did she see this flick about a bike messenger streaking around a metropolitan area?

Two reasons: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and New York City.

And she was thrilled that she did. Thanks to director David Koepp, the movie managed not to be a brainless zooming-around bore.

Gordon-Levitt is Wilee, the city's fastest and most daring messenger, who rides without brakes, gears or fear. He has only one worry. As a graduate of Columbia Law School, it's a future in a gray flannel suit, driving a desk, that puts him in a panic.

The movie careens into action when he's hired to deliver an envelope from Columbia University, 116th Street, all the way down to Chinatown. During rush hour. And if that's not challenge enough, a raging bull of a guy is determined to prevent this delivery.

If this still sounds like a mindless movie, consider two more enticements. You'll be swept along the magnificent streets of Manhattan, through Central Park, around Columbus Circle and alongside the breathtaking Chrysler Building.

And when you learn why this letter must reach the correct recipient at the right time, you're heart will truly be engaged by this surprisingly excellent film. 

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