Monday, August 20, 2012

Sparkle: Yes It Does

There's a short scene at the end of Sparkle in which Whitney Houston, in the audience at her daughter's first solo concert, blows a kiss up to the stage. Movie-goers can be forgiven for interpreting it as a farewell kiss by Houston to her fans.

The flick, a remake of a 1976 movie of the same title, wrapped up filming just three months before Houston's death and serves as a reminder of what a classy gal she was.

Houston stars in the movie and was the executive producer, but she had the grace, humility, generosity and maturity to step back and allow the three young women, who play her daughters, to grab the spotlight for most of this sincere and entertaining strive-and-succeed film.

The plot is simple: It's 1968 —oh the fashions!—and three sisters are trying to make it in the Motown scene. Through ups and downs and more downs, the Movie Slut could not help but cheer them on. The music soars. The emotions are raw. And when Houston sings her one solo in a church, where she began her career, she reminded us of what star power is all about.

And then she passes the baton to the next generation.


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