Monday, September 24, 2012

For A Good Time Call: 1-800-mmm-hmmm

The Movie Slut wanted a good time at the multiplex. The title of this thoroughly modern movie sounded promising.

It's a tale of two post-college gals trying to make it in the big city, New York, to be exact.

That makes it a bona fide chick flick. Unlike the disappointing "Bridesmaids," this movie had its finger firmly placed on the female pulse. It was raunchy at times but never gross or scatological. (Let's face it girls may want to have fun, but not in the bathroom.)

Good Time feels like a flick for chicks, by chicks and about chicks. It understands what 20-somethings of the XX variety have on their minds.

It's fresh and funny. And yes, The Movie Slut had a good time at the multiplex. A very good time.

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