Friday, September 21, 2012

Trouble With The Curve: A Home Run

Clint Eastwood made the Movie Slut's day. And it had nothing to do with chairs.

Now, MS is not one of those movie goers who worships at the alter of CE. She didn't even love Gran Torino. Or Million Dollar Baby.

But this time around Eastwood, who brings back his role of crusty curmudgeon, is helped by Amy Adams, his daughter, who's as stubborn and angry as he is. And maybe smarter.

Trouble is a hybrid movie, a father/daughter flick, a romance and, most especially, a baseball film (with all the emotions this brings with it). Sure, it's predictable, but the narrative and sub-plots behave like curve balls, keeping the viewer interested and sometimes, even, surprised.

Justin Temberlake, as a young baseball scout learning at the creaky knees of Clint, a well-seasoned scout, elevates every movie he's in.

Trouble my not be a must-see. Still, it's a shouldn't-be-missed movie.

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