Friday, November 9, 2012

Flight: The Days of Wings and 4 Roses

For many, Flight is known as "that movie about an airplane crash." And that's too bad.

Sure, a horrifying fall from the sky does take place in this film about an ace pilot who destroys every other aspect of his life. But moviegoers quickly realize that this story is more about human failure than aeronautical disaster.

Denzel Washington is Whip Whitaker, a deeply flawed human being. And though his story takes on high drama because of his profession, we all know people like him.

Washington loses himself in this character to the extent that the Movie Slut forgot she was watching one of the top actors of his time. Like others in the theater, he was Whip and his every self-destructive act felt like a loved one was descending more deeply into the abyss.

And that is the pull and power of this must-see movie.
When was the last time you became one with the action on the screen?

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