Sunday, November 11, 2012

Skyfall: Classsic with a Twist

Daniel Craig as Bond VI

Fifty years, and five James Bonds ago, Sean Connery starred in "Dr. No," the first Ian Fleming spy novels to hit the big screen.
Those were the digital-free days when suave and daring men fought evil and toyed with leggy beauties.
So, what did Hollywood have to do to bring Bond into the 21st Century?

1. Bring in a computer nerd
                                       2. Supply only one Bond babe, who's quickly killed off to avoid the sticky sexploitation issue.

We've still got the martini that's shaken, not stirred. The Lambourghini whiz-mobile turns up to take a spin. And a few other winks and nods to the past are tucked in for fans who may have seen the other 23 flicks.

What else will we see?

A thrill-a-minute movie with stylishly staged flight and flight scenes that drum up the adrenaline on and off screen. James darts from London to Shanghai to Macau to his native Scotland, where we learn a bit of his back story.

The excitement at the multi-plex was palpable last night and new showings were quickly added. The audience laughed and shouted and it was all part of the fun that is a James Bond movie.

And then there's the plot, which revolves around a stolen...
Oh, who care? It's just an excuse for a new JB film.

                                                                                 Bad Guy Javier Barden had the audience laughing.

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