Sunday, January 27, 2013

Parker: Honor Among Thieves

Parker (Jason Stratham) is a thief with a unique ethical code. He steals from those who don't need or deserve what they have. He eschews excess violence. (Indeed, the first time we see him he's disguised as a priest and acts the part.)

He'll also dish out justice and seek revenge. But only when he has to.

His diagnosis in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders would probably be sociopath. With a touch of autism. While he steals well with others, he doesn't play well with them. He's pretty much of a loner.

Parker is a promising anti-hero, which makes the failure of this film based on the novel "Flashfire,"
all the more disappointing. In fact, it doesn't really take off until Jennifer Lopez sashays on the screen as a Palm Beach real estate agent hungry for a full commission.

Alas, the trouble with Parker, the movie, is that like too many flicks, it drowns itself in Hollywood blood. What could have been a fun film about an interesting character devolves into just another bloodbath.

So sad.

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